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Are You Ready To Supercharge Your Fitness Level?

Nickel's Nutrition was developed by a group of pharmacists and dietician's that have studied and mastered pharmaceutical sciences, wellness, health and fitness... and now they want to help others optimize their fitness and wellness goals. Build muscle, increase performance, maximize strength training and optimize your recovery time with Nickel's Nutritions premium line of supplements. When combined with regular exercise, you can take your fitness to the next level.

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"After years of working as a licensed pharmacist, I decided to pair my education, expertise, and passion for fitness to develop and launch Nickel's Nutrition. I'm proud to provide our loyal customers with premium, high quality nutritional supplements that make a real difference. Ultimately it's about making people feel good mentally and physically...and the best way to do that is to consume superior nutrients."

- Jarvis Francis, Founder & CEO

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At Nickel’s Nutrition, we’re dedicated to providing premium, third-party tested nutritional supplements that support muscle building and faster recovery. When combined with a science-backed fitness program, meal plan guideline, and other useful resources, we believe humans can live a balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle. Improving athleticism, strength, speed, endurance, and a speedy recovery lies at the core of our company mission. The Nickel's Nutrition supplement line was developed with ingredients that support achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit mental and physical composition. Our team of pharmacists, dieticians, fitness advocates, and nutritionists are passionate about fitness and are dedicated to supporting Americans along their wellness journey.


We’ve found that when a group of individuals focuses on a common passion, vision, purpose, and mission, that greatness and long-lasting positive effects can be created. 


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